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Board Members

The composition of the National Tender Board

The Board shall consist of 1 chairperson and 6 members, appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Minister.  At least three of the members shall be from the private sector and the rest from the public sector.  The members appointed shall be persons of integrity, possessing qualifications and experiences in public administration, general economics, legal, finance, engineering and technical fields.  The members are appointed for a period of three years.

The Chief Executive Officer, who provides administrative and professional support to the Board, is appointed by the President under the Act, and is an ex-officio member of the Board, acting in that capacity at all meetings of the Board, but has no right to vote. 

  • Mrs Audrey NANON Chairman
  • Mr Denis MATATIKEN Vice Chairman
  • Ms Astride TAMATAVE Member
  • Mr William ZARINE Member
  • Mr Dilip SHAH Member
  • Mr Christopher NICETTE Member
  • Ms Alexandra BENOITON Member

Appeal Process

The Chairman
Procurement Review Panel
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