Tuesday 30 November 2021


The Board has a secretariat which comprises of four staff including the CEO. The mandate of the secretariat is to handle the administrative aspect of the Board (i.e preparation of agenda and other related documents for the Board meetings and also communicate the Board’s decision to relevant organisations). The main function of the Secretariat to the general public is to  assist other Ministries/Departments with the conducting of the tender opening sessions on their behalf. 

This procedure has been put in place as a means to promote transparency and reduce the risk of corruption and malpractices during tender opening sessions. Bidders can also enquire about any information regarding any tender from the office of the Secretariat.


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Being a role model organization, promoting and demonstrating  best practices and fairness with regard to the procurement of goods and services in the public sector, thus earning the trust of our stakeholders.


To promote the values of integrity, fair competition and good governance in the public procurement system of the country.

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