Friday 23 April 2021
Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority : Landscaping And Ground Maintenance At Seychelles International Airport (21.04.21)
Public Utilities Corporation : Construction of La Digue Sewerage Network ( lot 1& lot 2)
Public Utilities Corporation : Site Cleaning Of Ile Romainville ( 29.03.21) 
Ministry Of Lands & Housing : Renovation Of House At La Gogue –Anse Etoile (29.03.21)
Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority : Procurement Of Flight Calibration Service For Navigation Aids Equipment For Seychelles International Airport (29.03.21)
Immigration Department : Supply Of Materials And Sewing Of Uniform (Limited )
Financial Services Authority : Design And Build New Warehouse ( 25.02.21) 
Ministry Of Lands & Housing Tender For The:- Extension Of Independence House Annex Sixth Floor Victoria 17th Febraury 2021
Department Of Information Communications Technology, Tender For The:- Procurement Of His Data Center Hardware And Peripherals 2 - 01st Feb 2021 At: 10:00 Hrs
Health Care Agency : Provision Of Servicing & Maintenance Service On Air Con Unit At The Diagnostic Centre Seychelles Hospital Mont Fleuri- Limited ( 25.01.21)